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For many years, Ingemann Plast has been a close business partner with LG, who produces the Solid Surface material HI-MACS®.

The Solid Surface material, HI-MACS®, is made from a unique blend of acrylics and natural pigments. When combined just right, these components form a material that seems both very soft, hard as ceramics and very comfortable to physically touch. HI-MACS® has a sealed hygienic surface and can be made to sheer perfection, where other surface materials fail. By utilizing advanced thermo shaping and cutting techniques, HI-MACS® presents the opportunity to create organic shapes and expressions.

The quality of the HI-MACS® material is splendid in terms of usability, fabrication, functionality and hygiene.

Quality is:

  • That LG offers to longest guarantee on the market – LG is backing the Quality Club members with 15 years worth of guarantees.
  • Development: HI-MACS® is unique because of the high tech infrastructure and development experience in the LG Group, who continues to present to the market  innovation and new technology. LG guarantees unique quality for all HI-MACS® raw materials.
  • Accessibility: The colour collection of HI-MACS® is stored in 40 different locations in Europe, guaranteeing easy deliver. All while providing easy after-sales access to a vast and globally experienced network of fabricators.
  • Profound education for crafters, resulting in the best possible solutions.

Feel free to contact Ingemann Plast if you need any assistance regarding LG’s HI-MACS®.

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